Friday, June 26, 2009

magic mirrors

I like the schizophrenia permissible in not having a framework. No mission statement, no goal. Just a blank canvas and the desire to make a mess.

No manifesto. I'm bored of explaining myself - a subject I barely comprehend. That's part of the process, no? Spotlights and maybe a revelation?

What's the blog for, and why now? It just is, ranting and screaming or sitting in the corner reading Austen. I do not have a plan and I thought it better for me to admit that up top, in case it’s blatantly obvious. I am not trying to do anything, least of change the world, your attitudes, or myself. I am not an extrovert, exhibitionist or egomaniac.

What I am doing and what I think I’m doing may turn out to be two very different things. I am not here to build my CV or my social circle, it’s more of a magic mirror deal.